What is Devocate for Developers?

Are you a developer looking to learn developer advocacy or get a career in Developer Relations? Learn & practice developer advocacy with Devocate.

Learn about developer advocacy

Devocate for Developers is the version of the same content I share over on the Devocate blog, but for a developer audience. For example, I may teach a company what metrics to track, and then come to substack and teach developers how to prove those same metrics.

As always, share your feedback with us in Slack or contact us.

Practice what you learn

We're working to build key relationships with companies who may benefit from developer advocacy. Essentially connecting companies with the developers that love their products, and helping guide you through your first few campaigns as a developer advocate advocating on behalf of products you love! 🙌

If you're keen on this offering—we're just getting started and would love to hear what you think — join our Slack and send us a message or contact us.

Jobs in developer relations

We frequently share job postings that are shared with us on Twitter and our Slack community.

If you join our Slack community seeking a role in DevRel, share that you're looking and what your focuses are, including your experience. Share your Polywork—we're kind of joking, but sort of not. Polywork showcases your work well—invite code 'tessak22' if you don't have it.

Be honest. We're honest with companies and ask they do the same. Getting into this career can be hard, but there are many developers that I'd bet on to be great first time developer advocates.

And we're here to help make your entrance even more successful. Because there are tons of companies looking for dev advocates and not enough dev advocates looking for work.

Join our Slack and then find the #job-board